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The UK is open to relocating non-UK residents who have a job or skills that are currently in short supply in the labor market.

The UK government has released its list of shortage occupations for 2022, comprising around 30 jobs which allow for more flexible eligibility for those wishing to obtain sponsored work visas in the country.

The catch is that if your job is on the list, you’ll have to give up 20% of the regular job rate to qualify for a skilled worker visa.

Additionally, according to the UK government’s website, annual salaries for these jobs are based on a 39-hour working week.

They must be prorated for other work patterns, depending on the weekly working time declared by your employer.

Here is an immigration law firm, Davidson Morris, via BusinessTech:

“Under the new points-based immigration system, most non-UK resident workers need to apply for a visa to come to work in the UK. The main route is the new Skilled Worker visa, which replaced the Tier 2 (General) visa,” the company said.

“For employers seeking to sponsor skilled non-UK resident workers, a number of strict requirements apply in relation to the position for which they are being recruited. To be eligible for the new visa, the worker must reach 70 points, covering attributes such as skills, language and salary requirements.

20 points are “redeemable” out of that 20% taken from the prevailing wage rate for the jobs on the list.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have the biggest shortages and are looking for the following in-demand skills.

We’ll show you 10 of the job types listed and the corresponding annual salary, which is always 80% of the going rate:

  1. Managers and directors of health services and public healthall jobs – 80% of going rate: £30,720 (£15.15 per hour)
  2. Managers and owners of reception, day and home establishments, all jobs – 80% of going rate: £21,360 (£10.53 per hour)
  3. Chemists, only jobs in the nuclear industry – 80% of the going rate: £21,360 (£10.53 per hour)
  4. Biologists and biochemistsall jobs – 80% of going rate: £23,760 (£11.72 per hour)
  5. physicistsonly the following jobs in the construction-related civil engineering industry: geological engineer, hydrogeologist, geophysicist – 80% of the going rate: £29,200 (£14.40 per hour)
  6. Social scientists and humanitiesarchaeologists only – 80% of going rate: £20,720 (£10.22 per hour)
  7. Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Design and development, Production and process engineers – 80% of the going rate: £28,000 (£13.81 per hour) / £26,720 (£13.18 per hour) / £29,600 (£14.60 per hour) / £27,760 (£13 per hour) .69 per hour) / £27,280 (£13.45 per hour) / £26,480 (£13.06 per hour)
  8. IT business analysts, system architects and designers – 80% of current rate: £29,280 (£14.44 per hour)
  9. Programmers and software development professionals – 80% of the going rate: £26,640 (£13.14 per hour)
  10. Web design and development professionals – 80% of the going rate: £20,800 (£10.26 per hour)

For the complete list, go to here.

While jobs in the health, science, engineering and IT sectors take the top spots with the highest salaries, there are other in-demand jobs like veterinarians, architects, artists, dancers, graphic designers and caregivers.

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