US flag supply shortage affects residents ahead of Memorial Day

Dauphin and Lebanon County say they struggled to source flags for funeral ceremonies.

LEBANON, Pennsylvania — The supply chain crisis is affecting a unique item ahead of Memorial Day: American flags.

A shortage of flags caused a few areas in central Pennsylvania to scramble to obtain enough small American flags for funeral ceremonies.

Lebanon County Veterans Affairs Director Scott Kohr said he first faced the supply problem in February, when his typical flag vendor was unable to fulfill the county order due to a labor shortage.

“They were very blunt, basically telling me they wouldn’t be able to handle it,” Kohr said. “And it was February, so obviously I was in panic mode trying to find someone.”

Kohr has found a relief supplier to supply the county with 13,000 flags by the end of April. However, the county did not receive its order until earlier this week.

“I only got them on Wednesday,” Kohr said. “We did a lot of scrambling, but we got them out.”

Lebanon County isn’t alone in being affected by the shortage of American flags, as Dauphin County officials say they only received half of their flag order for Memorial Day.

A county spokesperson said the rest of the order would not arrive until after the holiday weekend.

Kohr says he didn’t expect to face a supply chain issue with American flags and says he will place all future orders sooner. He says he is grateful to have the county’s order of American flags ahead of Memorial Day.

“The bottom line is that we got them out, and at least all the flags will be in cemeteries before Memorial Day,” Kohr said.

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