Supply chain issues affecting the paper used to print vehicle titles | Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY — Put groceries, baby formula and cars aside, there’s now a new shortage and it’s causing problems for Oklahomans trying to buy and sell vehicles.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission is facing a shortage of title paper, which is used to print vehicle and motorboat titles. Most titles are now in print eight to 12 weeks after the request is first processed, as the state begins to ration its existing paper supply, the commission said Friday.

Dell Kerbs State Representative R-Shawnee said the supplier of the specialty paper product has notified the Oklahoma Tax Commission that its existing order will be delayed until at least the end of the summer.

He said the problem was not due to a lack of planning or command on the part of the Oklahoma tax commission.

“Nothing like that happened,” he said. “It’s just an unfortunate incident. We’ve seen (supply chain issues) in grocery stores. We’ve seen them on all kinds of products, formula. We are now on paper stock issues for secure documents. This is the crazy part.

Curbs said that to ensure the state can expand its existing supply during the summer months, the Oklahoma Tax Commission has implemented a priority printing schedule that prioritizes obtaining of titles to those who need it immediately, such as auction houses, car dealerships and those who have purchased a vehicle that they need to register in another state. Oklahoma is delaying issuance of titles for up to 12 weeks for everyone else until the paper supply chain stabilizes.

Paper copies of titles are also required to transfer ownership, and the state has set up an appeal process at for all Oklahomans who believe they are eligible to have their title be delivered within the usual three to five business days.

The Tax Commission said title applications are still processed in real time and the information is stored in a database. Those who have registered a vehicle will still receive a number plate and registration certificate, and anyone who purchased an untitled vehicle through the sale can still register it with a local tag agency in providing proof of ownership.

“Beacon Agents do a phenomenal job of what they’re tasked with doing and all of the challenges, so don’t get mad at your Beacon Agent,” Curbs said. “Don’t yell at your beacon agent. It doesn’t help anyone. Be patient as all of us Oklahomans are going through this process.

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