Shortage of infant formula continues to affect the Richmond area

RICHMOND, Va. (WWBT) – The shortage of infant formula continues to cause stress for new mothers across the country as they worry about being able to feed their babies.

Supply chain issues are contributing to stockouts in the United States and here in Virginia. Some stores limit the amount of formula they sell to parents.

The closure of an Abbott Nutrition manufacturing plant in Michigan is also contributing to the problem.

Mothers in central Virginia are hoping for relief soon.

“We need to, as a community, come together and see what we can do, how can we solve this critical issue,” said Richmond mother Lucy Rogers.

Major retailers like Target and CVS have already announced limitations on how much formula families can buy.

Even local organizations, which typically help distribute formula to mothers like Little Hands Virginia, struggle to get enough supplies to donate to local families.

“We have a lot of partners who come to us and say hey we have a family that can’t find this specific formula can you help us support this family but the craziest thing is that we don’t have any more access to the formula than families do,” said Taylor Keeney, executive director of Little Hands Virginia.

The problem is even worse for low-income parents or for babies who need specialty formula brands.

“These are families who were already struggling to access and afford formula, so families who come to us don’t have the ability to burn out and get supplies very easily,” Taylor explained. .

Six states in the South and Midwest have reportedly sold more than half of their formula supplies. So far Virginia is not in that mix.

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