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A Ballston-based tech company is on the cutting edge of supply chain issues facing the country, Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) said during a visit to the company late last month .

Supply chains have become an international priority, with the shortage of personal protective equipment at the start of the pandemic, competition in computer chip manufacturing and the global impacts of bans on fresh Russian products on people’s minds. .

“Knowing how supply chains work, that became the buzzword of the day,” Warner said at a town hall of employees at Interos — Arlington’s first privately held startup to achieve a valuation of a billion dollars. Warner’s visit to the company was intended to “highlight Northern Virginia’s growing role as a hub of national security technology innovation,” its staff said.

Senator Mark Warner and Interos CEO Jennifer Bisceglie at a town hall of Interos employees (staff photo by Pia Kramer)

The work companies like Interos are doing, identifying suppliers to companies, is especially important as the war in Ukraine continues, Warner said. He is working on legislation that would require public sector companies of a certain size to map their supply chains, he said. The most expedient measures would focus on identifying Russian companies, as the country bans imports of its goods and raw materials.

“If you can’t go upstream and find out where this product is coming from and who’s in the supply chain, you can’t impose the full power of sanctions on a country,” he said.

Interos uses artificial intelligence to map its customers’ suppliers and assess the risk scores of each. Its platform is used by federal agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

Interos founder and CEO Jennifer Bisceglie said there was “a very good environment” for Warner’s proposed legislation.

“A lot of companies are really trying to figure out where they’re tied to Russia and not being able to comply with sanctions,” she said, adding that companies “want to be able to answer those questions.”

Interos logo (staff photo by Pia Kramer)

Bisceglie added that Interos could provide supply chain insights to these companies.

“It’s about understanding what’s going on in the sub-levels of your supply chain and that’s where we help,” she said.

Bisceglie said Interos raised $100 million last year to work on getting more data faster, which would provide “more interesting and proactive insights” to their customers. This new data includes a vendor’s cybersecurity and financial information.

“So it’s about speed, unique datasets, and really solving global transparency challenges on a global scale,” she said.

Warner also called China a “threat of our time” at the town hall.

“The challenge ahead will be who will win the technological struggle of the 21st century,” he said.

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