School nutrition faces supply shortage issues

School nutrition director Faye Taylor said Warren County schools don’t have to use a state or USDA waiver to ask to serve less food to students at the height of shortages supply.

Taylor spoke at the Warren County School Board meeting Monday night and said that at a time when many school systems were struggling and needing to give students less food, Warren County won’t. did not.

“I want to make it very clear that Warren County School Nutrition Department menus have not been drastically affected by current and past shortages in the food supply chain,” Taylor said. “School Nutrition was grateful not to have to use any of the waivers offered by the state and USDA that would allow fewer components to be offered due to supply chain shortages.”

She bragged about her staff for being able to accomplish this. She said they did a great job and constantly went above and beyond to ensure students were fed.

“It’s a good thing to brag about because not everyone was able to do it and on top of that I’m very proud of my staff. They did a phenomenal job,” Taylor said. “I know we had many people to compliment us but I am very, very fortunate to oversee such a large group of hard working people delivering meals in different areas I mean every day I was riding in bus, carrying lunch boxes, and I mean they did everything. It was phenomenal.

Principal of the schools, Dr Grant Swallows, also praised Taylor and her staff for all their hard work during difficult times.

“I’m very grateful for his and his team’s work this year at a time when many places were facing supply issues and problems feeding students or getting the right materials,” Swallows said. “Faye and her team did everything they needed to do and addressed any issues they needed to address so we had no downtime.”

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