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Rep. Tom Reed continues to worry about the rise of China and how the country is manipulating the supply chain to weaken Western democracy.

During Reed’s weekly conference call Wednesday with media from the 23rd congressional district, he expressed concern about China’s involvement with Russia.

“In February 2022, China and Russia jointly issued a 5,000-word statement, which to me was clearly articulated in writing, their joint mission to restore world order and for China’s position, as they said, to checkmate America in regards to the issues that we face with the supply chain, with the economic issues, with the monetary issues, with the military issues and the other issues,” he said.

Over the past six months, Reed, R-Corning, believes China has used its position, under the guise of COVID, to further strangle the supply chain entering America.

“When you see the chain link fences around housing etc. where they are trying to say this is being done to mitigate COVID exposures this can actually be done in my view to limit the labor supply in Shanghi which is one of the largest worldwide shipping sources of supplies from China,” he said.

Reed believes that by hampering distribution in shipping, cutting labor, China will again slow down the supply chain, leading to further inflation and shortages of critical supplies. He thinks these shortages could harm technology communications and even impact the military’s supply chain.

“That America should warn us all, should awaken us all to the Chinese threat, and by putting all our eggs in one basket, we have potentially exposed ourselves to a significant security threat that China poses to long-term security. term, from America,” he said.

Reed believes the United States must work with its allies to create products so that we are no longer dependent on China for assets such as food and energy.

“It takes years and it will take years to overcome and I hope that one of the solutions to this problem would be to bring more democracy to the Chinese people, to send a message that the authoritarian way of governing is not the future “, he said.

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