Plastic Resin Supply Shortage Affecting Tri-State Businesses

EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – Supply chain issues have plagued businesses across the country for months now.

The shelves are empty, the cars have no parts, and at General Rubber and Plastics they are feeling the pressure too.

Inside sales employee Kyle Hertel says the plastic sheets they deal with have become increasingly difficult to find.

“Before, items were stocked on shelves just ready to ship within a week,” Hertel explains, “now we’re looking at 14 to 16 weeks to get them in.”

Getting it is already a problem and supplies often arrive late. Everyone is on deck for the floor team to deliver products to customers on the promised date.

Sales employee Cindy Ziliak says they now have what she calls a “near second” shift.

“We do our best and go above and beyond and work weekends and nights, we’ve even done near second shifts from time to time,” says Ziliak.

For floor workers like Laborer Clay Stallings, it’s okay to do a little more to make sure the team is taken care of, and overtime isn’t that bad either.

“We have to keep everything going so we can get the rooms out so we can get in,” Stallings says, “you know an hour early, stay an hour later.”

Ziliak, Stallings and Hertel aren’t naive about the challenges they face, but Ziliak is grateful things went as planned.

“We were lucky, we were pretty lucky,” Ziliak said.

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