McDonald’s Philippines only serves regular fries due to potato shortage

MANILA, Philippines — McDonald’s Philippines has suspended sales of larger portions of its fries due to “the global freight crisis.”

The fast food restaurant initially posted notices on its website saying the larger fries were not available for delivery.

McDonald’s then posted an announcement on its social media accounts saying it would limit its fries to their usual size for now, withholding their medium, large and BFF portions.

The restaurant assured customers that they were “working hard to bring all sizes back very soon”.

A Washington Post report earlier this year said there was a growing shortage of potatoes around the world due to “the COVID pandemic…bad weather, burns, or labor disputes.”

Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia and Taiwan are bearing the brunt of potato shortages. South Korea, for example, has started replacing its fries with chicken nuggets and cheese sticks as a side option.

According to Business Insider, McDonald’s said potato shortages have not been a problem for stores in the United States, on which stores in Asia rely heavily for potato imports.

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