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Two longtime Fredonia candidates have been given an extension to collect 3,500 signatures by the end of this month in a bid to run for the US Congress. Both Republican George Burns and Independent Thomas Carle have indicated their willingness to potentially run against powerhouse Claudia Tenney, who received the Republican endorsement, and Max Della Pia, who will represent the Democrats.

In the meantime, the success of the Republican legal challenge over redrawn state maps for congressional districts has changed the primary schedule, which has been moved from June to August. The challenge also created an urgency to have the boundaries redrawn with a Master of the Special Court.

“Oversight is needed to facilitate the rapid creation of constitutionally compliant maps for use in the 2022 election and to safeguard the constitutionally protected right of New Yorkers to a fair election,” took note of the decision given last week.

Even with the added chaos, both candidates are aware of the uphill battle. Burns, who considers himself a political outsider and is a retired U.S. Coast Guard veteran, says the country needs to consider “a nice reset” which includes faith, prayer, traditional two-parent families, and an appreciation of the true cost of freedom.

“In the past year, the country has been almost destroyed,” Burns said. “Regardless of party, established career politicians, great lawyers, and people in office driven by personal ambition created the world we now live in. … The reality is that there are no political solutions to what are essentially social, moral and spiritual problems. .”

Burns is known locally for his work commemorating the men of Chautauqua County who were killed in our Nations Wars in the book, “Nobody Forgets” and as a speaker at Dunkirk’s annual Memorial Day events. He is an environmentalist and, as such, an opponent of wind energy.

He said that at the county and local levels, there is really little difference between Democrats and Republicans. “It seems that the disagreements revolve around personalities and petty power struggles, rather than higher party ideologies,” Burns said.

Those interested in helping his campaign can contact Burns at gburns@marportsecurity.net. “I think the mix of good people and values ​​is where most of us are these days, given the craziness we regularly read about in Washington, DC,” he said.

Carle and his wife, Sarah, moved to western New York to be closer to family in 2017, after work moves took him to Toronto, Chicago, Minneapolis and Toledo. He is originally from the Binghamton area.

During his career, he has managed budgets of over $150 million per year, grown businesses and made them profitable, prioritized employee safety while leading continuous improvement projects and capital assets. He was self-employed and negotiated union contracts and walked picket lines to mediate a strike. He said he was even asked by union members at a former facility to intervene on their behalf to bring the company, the union and the Labor Department to the table to resolve another strike. He believes he can have the same types of success as a congressman.

“I embrace good ideas, strong platforms and principles from both major parties and am not afraid to compromise for the best outcome for everyone,” said Carl. “As an independent, I can also represent all of us, as we wish, by understanding our needs as a district and meeting those needs, without being bound by partisan lines. This is how government is supposed to serve!

The reasons Carle decided to mount this campaign include: immigration reform that also allows the agricultural industry to thrive; fair and pro-economic and labor-friendly tax reform; promote voter turnout; stem the rise of misinformation; equality and discrimination; substance use disorders and mental well-being; stopping inflation at its sources; redevelop the supply chain in our own country; and invest in our infrastructure and our industrial corridor

Carle also slammed Republican candidate Tenney, noting that she does not reside in the district and is vying for the vacancy, likely because the 23rd was “reliable red.”

“His loyalties are well known and firmly attached to the former president,” he said. “This loyalty is counterproductive to the Southern Tier, as they support the cuts to vital programs and subsidies that many of our counties rely on, and the environmental protections that our farms, tourism and hospitality industries have need.”

To learn more about Carle, visit carle4congress.com.

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