Health experts warn against homemade baby formula as supply shortage continues

CINCINNATI (WXIX) – As parents across the country search for formula to feed their infants, healthcare experts at UC Health and Midtown Urgent Care are urging them to avoid “do-it-yourself” solutions ( DIY).

The nationwide problem stems from a supply chain issue and a recall and shutdown in February at an Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan, according to a CNN report.

With the formula being rare, some parents have looked for alternatives, including DIY options.

Health experts like nurse practitioner Jack Gaffney strongly discourage parents from trying DIY methods.

“Moms or dads doing [formula] at home in their kitchens, you know, where bacteria can get inside these homemade formulations, it’s very dangerous, it leads to hospitalizations,” says Gaffney.

Homemade infant formula fed to babies could cause major health problems, even death, says Heather Evans, childbirth education coordinator at UC Health West Chester Hospital.

“What’s really scary is that you could potentially cause seizures, organ failure, and ultimately infant death,” Evans says.

She says it’s crucial to warn parents never to dilute their baby’s formula.

While it might seem like a tempting solution to extend the life of the formula, it’s extremely dangerous, she says.

“The formula is made in a very specific way so that it is the right water and nutrient balance so that babies stay healthy and if you start playing around with diluting the formula you can make the baby very sick. “, explains Evans.

She says companies are spending a lot of time, research and money to create a formula substance to mimic breast milk.

Anyone willing to try and recreate the formula themselves is at risk, she warns.

Evans says that if a baby doesn’t get enough nutrients from formula, or if he can’t metabolize it, he could end up with low blood sugar, serious imbalances that affect his organs, or reactions. allergic. A baby could also die, she said.

As parents struggle to find formula in stores, Evans has a suggestion.

“Women who are able to breastfeed, I would encourage them to breastfeed,” recommends Evans. “So that women who cannot breastfeed can use the available formula.”

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Evans and Gaffney say that for any parent in need of formula, contact your child’s pediatrician.

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