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MIFFLINTOWN — The regular meeting of Juniata County commissioners began Tuesday with Heather Wise, Cory Fronk and Brian Book updating council on the progress of the McAlisterville area spring rehabilitation project.

Fronk, director of the McAlisterville Area Joint Authority, began by expressing his gratitude to the commissioners for their allocation of community development block grant funds to the authority’s spring rehabilitation and well spring development projects. .

“The McAlisterville Spring rehabilitation project was funded with two years of funding (block grant). The second year of this funding was supposed to move into a separate phase, but we ended up having to drop that phase of the project due to the inflation of goods and materials needed for construction projects. Sage said. “We need to use this funding for the first phase of the project because the offer ended up doubling the original estimate.”

When the competitive grant fund application process began this year, Wise applied for a $1 million grant. They have received this funding and will continue with phase two of the project.

“A million dollars is a big deal for McAlisterville”, said Frank. “We could not have undertaken the project with our own finances.

“This is a crucial project. I’ve been here (the McAlisterville Joint Authority) for 25 years now and know what happens when there’s a major leak. I know what happens when there is a major fire and we don’t have adequate storage or water flow.

This caused the authority to act immediately to correct the current conditions, Fronk said. The project is designed to create adequate storage, flow and pressure to be available during the aforementioned emergencies. Fronk said that with the current system in place, if they were unable to produce more water, the authority was considering stockpiling half a day’s supply.

“It’s not sufficient.” Frank said, “This project seeks to expand that to four times what we have now; three days of storage.

The second phase of the McAlisterville Spring Rehabilitation Project will also establish authority for future water system extensions. The storage tank will be strategically located to provide pressure from two sides instead of just one.

Following the update, the Board approved the Professional and Administrative Services Agreement between Juniata County and SEDA-COG to administer the Competitive Community Development Block Grant on behalf of the Area Springs Rehabilitation Project of McAlisterville.

In other cases counsel:

• Approved Service Purchase Agreements between Juniata County Children and Youth Services, Juniata County Probation Department, Clearfield and Franklin and White Counties Children’s Aid Society DeerRun.

• Tax exemptions approved for the Township of Lack and the boroughs of Mifflin and Thompsontown

• Approved election security grant funds in the amount of $2,000.

• Appointed Stephanie Diem of Mifflintown to a three-year term on the Juniata County Library Board to replace Marsh Harris.

• Approved check Nos. 64809 to 64873 in the amount of $160,311.79.

• Review of Juniata County Probation Department monthly activity report.

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