Gemco Offers Help With Linear Position Sensor Supply Shortages

Gemco Offers Help With Linear Position Sensor Supply Shortages

A wide range of industries present significant supply chain issues. However, Michigan-based linear position sensor manufacturer Gemco, AMETEK Factory Automation, has proven they can always deliver on time.

Over the past two years, an increasing shortage of supply due to various factors has caused problems with manufacturing and on-time delivery. In addition to the supply shortage, a side effect of the Covid situation has been the increased emphasis on automated manufacturing workflow, which has led to an increase in demand for position sensors.

How did AMETEK Factory Automation manage to avoid the supply shortage?

AMETEK Factory Automation manufactures Gemco rod type position sensors for hydraulic cylinder applications, profile type linear position sensors for blow molding machines, printing tape, tires and rubber and other similar applications .

According to product manager Blake Cawley (pictured above), Gemco can still deliver on time despite these new challenges. “We have an in-house machine shop and have moved into making items that are hard to get or have long lead times. Gemco is a world leader in toughness and precision, and I wouldn’t trade that for nothing in the world!Our primary goal is to deliver the quality that our brand is known for,while we’ve had to update our workflow and supplier network, these days test each company’s ability to be flexible.Although our delivery times have increased for some products, we can still deliver some of our most popular models within a reasonable time.

Gemco is perhaps best known for the 953Vmax, designed for the hydraulic industry and can be a direct replacement for competitive transducer designs. But the increased focus on automated manufacturing has made the Gemco 955BRIK, a streamlined style transducer designed for general automation, often found in plastic injection molding and tire and rubber machinery, a popular model.

Increased customer flow and more products

AMETEK Factory Automation has seen an increase in traffic from new customers looking for a supplier who can provide magnetostrictive position sensors without a wait time of up to 7 months. For the Blake Cawley team, this situation has been a great experience: “We welcome these new customers with open arms; many applications require adaptations of the position sensors, which is a standard procedure with us. For the user , as for us, the focus on the application is to provide the precision that makes the workplace safe and efficient.”

Despite covid and supply shortage, Gemco has launched two new products in the last 18 months, the Gemco 959CT for hydraulic cylinders and the 956 EBlok for casting machines. AMETEK Factory Automation designed the position sensors to appeal to customers, aiming for a more economical solution while providing accuracy and longevity.

According to product manager Blake Cawley, Gemco has lived through the past few years as a test that has proven that linear position sensors are gaining popularity in the automation industry and that Gemco has become a leader in the industry. “Look, we’re building the future on what we have today. Our foundation has proven to be very strong; that’s why we always manage to deliver world-class quality linear position sensors on time. I’m sure that’s why we’ve increased our flow of manufacturing customers around the world.In addition to that, we continue to gain application knowledge, that knowledge is essential for our future position, and I’m very confident.

About AMETEK STC and Gemco

AMETEK Sensors, Test & Calibration provides solutions for calibration, temperature measurement, pressure measurement, position measurement, level measurement, material testing, force measurement, springs and winders , cable management and weighing for a wide range of industries. We can offer standard or custom solutions to fit almost any application. Gemco and Catrac are just a few of the leading global brands manufactured and supplied by AMETEK Factory Automation.

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