Formula hit from every angle

CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – It’s a scary combination of supply chain issues, recalls and inflation. Today, all over the Carolinas, families are scrambling to find the one thing their baby can eat.

Baby formula.

There has been a shortage for a few months that has only gotten worse. Many parents drive for hours to find formula and when they do, supplies are limited and they are only allowed to buy a few cans.

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It’s a lot of work, getting ready for one.

“Everything, we have two,” said Christen Bell.

But when it’s two, we’ll let Christen explain.

“Two high chairs, two cribs,” Christen counted. “We say it’s at least three times the work.”

Meet her twins, Ruby and Hazel. Although they have just turned one year old, they have made an early entrance into the world.

“Right off the bat, NICU put them on the formula,” Christen said.

Her daughters each consume eight bottles a day. But in February, the formula became hard to find.

“I went to Target and the shelves were completely empty. I just thought what am I going to do? So I went to other stores,” Christen said.

A frightening trifecta of recalls, supply chain issues and inflation have all come together to cause a major problem. One study found that 30% of all infant formulas run out.

“When I saw that things like Amazon brands were completely gone, that’s when I got concerned,” Christen said.

So she has coupons she can’t use and a feeling she can’t get rid of.

“As a woman who couldn’t breastfeed my children, I couldn’t do it for as long as I needed. It adds this layer of guilt that I couldn’t provide in one way and can’t provide in another anymore,” Christen said.

It’s a situation she lives day to day because it’s all she can do.

Queen City News has also contacted non-profit organizations that help mothers. The handful we spoke to said it was so hard to come up with a formula. Today, what many mothers do is post on social media and seek help from other mothers, who may have breast milk or leftover formula.

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