Florists feel supply chain crunch ahead of Mother’s Day

Twin Cities flower shops are urging customers to pre-order flowers for Mother’s Day following a supply shortage that is not keeping up with demand.

“This is where the magic happens. It’s a mess, but I mean, a lot of great things come out of it,” said David Miller, co-owner of Ergo Flowers.

Mother’s Day is the busiest time of year for Ergo Floral in St. Paul, and business is booming. But in recent years, David Miller says they’ve been struggling with problems that sun and water can’t solve.

“There was less supply there, and so we just learned, like any other industry, how to be flexible, how to have back-up plans, and how to find new sources for things,” he said. said Miller.

Miller said it was difficult to get hold of flowers, floral supplies and glassware.

The problem stems from production shortages, shipping issues, and a hot weather delay.

He said inflation is another factor.

“I see all my costs going up. Everyone sees all their costs increase. So as a store, we have to consider that as well,” Miller told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS.

Anika Hilton is on a mission to find the perfect bouquet for her mother, but she said this year was tough.

“My mom likes a certain type of flower, and I seek them out,” Hilton said. “I noticed there was a shortage, and everything is really expensive lately.”

But Hilton said we couldn’t put a price on flowers for mom.

Flower shop owners are urging customers to pre-order their flowers as they may sell out before Sunday.

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