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The Pulp & Paperworkers’ Resource Council (PPRC) worker group, a grassroots organization of hourly workers in the forest products industry, is passionate about educating members of Congress and administrative officials in the ‘U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Office of Management and Budget, and other government agencies on issues affecting U.S. manufacturing jobs in their industry. They represented 50 factories in 21 states.

“Our 30e Birthday Fly-in provides the PPRC with a wonderful opportunity to meet with congressional and administration leaders on environmental issues impacting our industry – particularly on topics such as biomass carbon neutrality, paper recycling and waste management. forests,” said the PPRC President David Wise. “The importance of clear and sensible regulatory legislation and policy cannot be underestimated, as this foundation is essential to support the continued growth of manufacturing jobs in rural and urban communities and ensure a playing field competitive for the U.S. forest products industry in the global marketplace.”

The PPRC specifically discussed several issues with members of Congress, including:

  • Improving the Health of Federal Forests – The PPRC supports measures to better manage our forests to increase resilience and growth in the face of fires, hurricanes, diseases, insects and natural disasters. The PPRC would support legislation to help fund fire suppression, forest inventory and sustainable forest management.
  • Reform of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) – The protection of truly endangered species is in the public interest. The impact on people, property and jobs must be assessed when developing regulations. The ESA should be modernized and updated with Congressional oversight of the social and economic costs of an ESA listing. Any list must be based on objective, verifiable science with flexibility giving states and local governments a greater role in ESA decisions.
  • Paper recycling is an environmental success story – Highly recycled paper products should not be included in federal Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation. The recycling rate for paper in the United States was 68% in 2021. The recycling rate for old corrugated packaging (OCC) was 91.4%. According to the EPA, by weight, more paper is recovered for recycling from municipal solid waste streams than from metals, plastics and glass combined.
  • Improving Sustainable Manufacturing in the United States and Addressing the Regulatory Burden – The PPRC recommends that the EPA consider the cumulative impact of future regulations with the goal of achieving sustainable regulations that meet economic and environmental needs and social expectations. This will allow the US forest products industry to continue to be an American success story. Upcoming regulations cover air emissions, beneficial use of mill residues, water effluents, carbon and greenhouse gases, among others.

PPRC members also thanked members of Congress who joined the Paper and Packaging Caucus, and members who attended the Caucus Congress reception on June 21st.

The PPRC is a grassroots labor organization run by hourly workers who defend the US forest products industry. We support policies that encourage economic growth, an abundant and sustainable fiber supply, and sound science-based environmental policies. The US forest products industry is vitally important to our nation’s economy, employing approximately 950,000 people. We rank among the top 10 manufacturers in 45 states and represent 4% of total US manufacturing GDP. We are people dedicated to environmental conservation while considering the economic stability of the workforce and the surrounding community.


Representing members of: USW, IAM, IBEW, IBT, UBC, fire and oil tankers and forest products industry workers. For more information and to view the 2022 PPRC position papers, please visit www.thepprc.org.

SOURCE The Pulp and Paper Workers Resource Council

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CT contrast shortage largely resolved, but supply chain problem persists https://q-porkchains.org/ct-contrast-shortage-largely-resolved-but-supply-chain-problem-persists/ Fri, 24 Jun 2022 07:12:52 +0000 https://q-porkchains.org/ct-contrast-shortage-largely-resolved-but-supply-chain-problem-persists/

“GE Healthcare’s Shanghai plant has been operating at 100% production capacity since Wednesday, June 8, following the easing of local COVID-related restrictions,” the company said in a June 14 statement. “We continue to keep our customers informed of the resumption of supply.”

But the crisis is likely to have long-term effects, in terms of the contrast in inventory in radiology departments and hospitals around the world and where they source it, according to Dr. Michael Davenport of Michigan Medicine. in Ann Arbor. The contrast supply shortage “remains an evolving situation”, he said. AuntMinnie.com.

“I think we’ll have a better idea in July whether things are really back to normal and whether hospitals are back to their old practices — or not,” he said.

Although the acute phase of the contrast media supply shortage can be resolved, hospitals and radiology departments will need to consider how to avoid a similar disruption in the future, Davenport noted.

“The acute intervention phase is probably coming to an end, but I suspect it will be followed by several months of introspection on the necessity of the contrast for all the examinations for which it was previously used, the true dose of contrast required and supply chain implications of the recent event,” Davenport said. “There remains a supply chain vulnerability as Shanghai is still at risk as long as China maintains a zero-COVID policy.”

In April, the world began to experience a shortage of CT contrast due to the effect of a COVID-19 lockdown in Shanghai, China on GE Healthcare’s Omnipaque (iohexol) manufacturing facility. The shutdown had a dramatic effect on imaging around the world, and in the weeks that followed, hospitals and radiology departments worked to retain contrast and experts offered a variety of tips to manage crisis.

The effort to retain contrast will persist in the future, said Dr. Mahmud Mossa-Basha of the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill. AuntMinnie.com. He reported that UNC was once again receiving regular contrast mailings.

“[We continue to focus on reducing] waste through multiple vial uses, maintaining lower contrast dosage for some protocols when image quality is deemed adequate, adapting protocols to support reduced dosage, and increasing iodinated contrast stocks in our service,” he said.[But] most other aspects we had implemented are back to normal, including resuming all contrast protocols, returning to our standard iodinated contrast agents for specific protocols, and resuming contrast use by non-radiological services as they were before the shortage.

GE plans to remain proactive regarding its CT contrast capability, a spokesperson said AuntMinnie.com.

“GE Healthcare continues to invest in capacity and supply chain as demand continues to grow,” the spokesperson said. “The company has been reliably supplying contrast media around the world for decades, including in the face of global supply chain challenges, and we have invested nearly $400 million over the past decade to increase the production capacity of our manufacturing sites. Our goal is to stabilize supply as availability improves.

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Tough Jobs: Mackinac Island – Mission Point Resort Sustainability Coordinator https://q-porkchains.org/tough-jobs-mackinac-island-mission-point-resort-sustainability-coordinator/ Thu, 23 Jun 2022 21:02:17 +0000 https://q-porkchains.org/tough-jobs-mackinac-island-mission-point-resort-sustainability-coordinator/

Whitney Amann and videographer Josh Monroe continue their four-part Tough Jobs on Mackinac Island series.

Then Whitney is at Mission Point Resort with a unique, very dirty but important process going on behind the scenes.

Behind all the beauty of the island and the two buildings of the complex, 241 rooms and six restaurants, hide two women who sort every waste that crosses the property.

Whitney gets her hands dirty and shows you why this process is so important to the station, the island and the Earth for this difficult job.

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Supply chain pressures will persist in 2022 https://q-porkchains.org/supply-chain-pressures-will-persist-in-2022/ Thu, 23 Jun 2022 12:24:00 +0000 https://q-porkchains.org/supply-chain-pressures-will-persist-in-2022/

June 23, 2022

By Doug Baker, Vice President, Industry Relations, IMF

The food industry has seen its fair share of disruptions over the past two years and one thing is clear, supply chains remain under significant pressure. With the additional disruptions recently caused by the war in Ukraine, ongoing COVID-19 policies, shortages of key ingredients and packaging supply, global sourcing challenges, inflationary pressures, supply chain disruptions, supply will be with us for an extended period.

Building the long-term capacity and resilience of the food industry supply chain is imperative for retailers and suppliers. Collaboration and communication are key to determining root causes, resolving current roadblocks, and developing roadmaps for supply chain recovery.

Business partners working together to improve the system of information sharing across the supply chain can initiate a systemic supply chain performance reset to reduce friction and restore product availability to the benefit of our consumers.

At the 2022 IMF Supply Chain Forum, October 18-20, 2022, in Arlington, Virginia, with leading retailers and suppliers, we will explore the path to meaningful supply chain improvements by providing a forum to help improve conditions in the short and long term. -term. The specific objectives of the event include:

  • Restore balance to the supply chain.
  • Identification of root causes.
  • Share industry best practices and case studies.
  • Develop roadmaps to build greater resilience into the system.

The event will focus on three key areas: transportation and logistics, collaboration and communication, labor shortages and labor challenges. Attendees can expect in-depth dives into topics such as:

  • Connection.
  • Defense of public policies.
  • Digital Visibility Capabilities.
  • Bilateral transparency.
  • Restore access to work.
  • Improve industry reputation.

As an industry, we have a tremendous opportunity to learn from the past two years and apply those learnings to build a more resilient and transparent collaborative system across the entire value chain.

Given the high degree of volatility and uncertainty in the supply chain, unlocking capacity is not an easy step and requires innovative thinking and solutions, leveraging transparency, predictability and trust between trading partners to overcome these challenges. Learn more and register for the unmissable IMF Supply Chain Forum 2022.

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Food pantry in need of donations | News, Sports, Jobs https://q-porkchains.org/food-pantry-in-need-of-donations-news-sports-jobs/ Thu, 23 Jun 2022 07:05:11 +0000 https://q-porkchains.org/food-pantry-in-need-of-donations-news-sports-jobs/

Andie Balenger | Daily Press Sue Valiquette, left, and Judy Petrick, right, restock the cereal shelf at Escanaba St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank. The two volunteer at the food bank to sort through donations, take inventory and help customers who get food. Delta County Food Banks are seeking donations, ranging from food supplies to personal hygiene products, to help them in their mission to help those in need.

ESCANABA — Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of donations at local food pantries has declined. With several grocery store necessities in short supply at this time, such as toilet paper, sugar and yeast, many community members were unable to buy extra stock for those who needed it. While monetary donations have persisted over time, food pantries have recently seen a comeback in terms of food donations. However, this increase could be short-lived, with food prices expected to rise well above the annual average in the coming weeks.

“Food donation has been slower now and it has been during the pandemic because people had a higher need for food at home,” Barbara Van Ermen, pantry manager for St. Vincent de Paul Pantry in Escanaba, said. “Food purchases have recently become more controlled. I mean, I went to buy things this morning and a lot of the shelves were empty.

Delta County is home to many food banks, including Escanaba’s Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul food pantries in Escanaba and Gladstone. In an effort to provide free food, goods, and a variety of services to people in need, these organizations depend on donations to operate effectively.

“Everyone has been affected by inflation. It’s hard for stores today to have their shelves full because they’re not able to keep up with demand, and manufacturing locations are also not able to keep up,” said Van Ermen. “We all have to share this situation. But mostly here we just want to be helpful to every person.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the consumer price index (CPI) for food purchases from home increased by 1.3% between March and April 2022. The CPI is used to measure the economy-wide rate of inflation in the United States. Food purchases from home, which accounts for all grocery store food purchases in the United States, are 10.8% higher than a year ago. The USDA predicts that food-at-home prices will rise more than 7% in 2022.

“Due to inflation, people, especially those in need, have to pay more for their groceries. But the need is currently greater than the ability to pay,” said Van Ermen. “So what we do is we try to give people choices when they come to St. Vincent de Paul.”

Escanaba St. Vincent de Paul Pantry, located at 115 N. 8th St., works with area businesses to help meet their daily needs. In connection with Meijer, gift cards are available for purchase to support the pantry. The Elmer County Market also works with the pantry through a gift bag service, with each bag costing between $5 and $20. All funds raised through these two programs are used to purchase food and hygiene products for the pantry.

“I encourage people, if they make a donation, to use the gift service at Meijer or Elmer’s. These help us, said Van Ermen. “It’s so special. Even though it’s a $5 donation, it’s all to help our cause.

The Pantry works to provide those in need with kitchen and pantry essentials. For those looking to donate, needed items include canned dumplings, spaghetti, and fruit, as well as ramen noodles and applesauce. The Escanaba St. Vincent de Paul pantry is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.

Escanaba Salvation Army has seen a similar pattern to Escanaba St. Vincent de Paul, with the number of people requiring the organization’s services increasing significantly in recent years. Jamie Ray, a case manager at the Salvation Army in Escanaba, attributes the change to the relaxation of COVID-19 protocols and state-regulated financial assistance.

“We have a lot of new clients, or clients who haven’t needed services in several years, are starting to come back and seek our services,” Jamie Ray, case manager at Salvation Army Escanaba, said. “Additional aid, food aid and stimulus checks are coming to an end and people are still struggling to find jobs.”

Outside of its pantry hours, which are 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, The Salvation Army is unique in that it offers lunch services all week long. Ready meals are available on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Due to the recent influx of customers, the Salvation Army needs dry goods, canned and canned, to help keep their pantry stocked.

“We have an amazing community here in Delta County that donates very regularly,” says Ray. “But if someone can’t donate food, cash donations, even if it’s only $5, can really be extended to four meals for a family.”

Paul Food Pantry’s Gladstone St. Vincent has also been receiving small daily food donations since the COVID-19 pandemic. Foot traffic at the Gladstone site, however, has been limited, with around 10 people seeking services per week compared to 10 people per day before the pandemic.

“With the food donations, we have our regular collections, which bring in a lot of food at a time”, Gladstone St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry volunteer Mary Knoch said. “We don’t take in a lot of people, which is strange, but a lot are still getting extra help from the state.”

The Gladstone Food Pantry, located at 816 Delta Ave., helps people with needs other than food. Those struggling to pay utility bills, rent, or need money for appointments can seek assistance at the pantry service desk.

“If someone has a doctor’s appointment in Green Bay, we’ll give them a gas card so they can get to their appointment and back,” Knock said. “Especially now that gas prices have gotten so high, we’ve had to give people more, almost twice as much, so they can get where they’re going.”

The Gladstone St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry has changed its current requirements to focus on what individuals cannot purchase with their Michigan Bridge Cards. These items include toilet paper, deodorant, tissues and shampoo. Cooking spices like salt, pepper and onion powder are also in demand. The Gladstone Pantry is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 1:45 p.m.

“Escanaba is a really special community. If I have something big in bulk that I know I can’t use, I’ll donate it to the Salvation Army because they can use it for all of their meals. » said Van Ermen. “We just share and compliment each other. It’s really unique.

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Xbox controllers succumb to supply chain shortages https://q-porkchains.org/xbox-controllers-succumb-to-supply-chain-shortages/ Wed, 22 Jun 2022 22:00:38 +0000 https://q-porkchains.org/xbox-controllers-succumb-to-supply-chain-shortages/

The gaming industry is no stranger to the global supply chain shortage that has plagued since the middle of 2020. Graphics cards, SSDs, consoles, and now even Xbox controllers have been in short supply . Microsoft recently confirmed the latter (cheers, IGN), stating that customers around the world will be hard pressed to find a new Xbox controller for some time.

Microsoft confirmed the Xbox controller shortage in a statement to VGC. The company acknowledged that it’s “hard to find Xbox Wireless Controllers right now due to supply disruptions.” In the meantime, he’s trying to pacify consumers by saying he’s “working as quickly as possible with our manufacturing and retail partners to make this better.”

Depending on where exactly you are in the world, you may or may not find gold. For example, at the time of this writing, the official Xbox Amazon US storefront has listings that controllers won’t ship until July 10, July 20, or July 30, depending on the color. Another official listing that includes a USB-C cable oddly has a shipping date earlier than June 30.

Frozen buttons and sticks

These dates could very well be just placeholders and of course they will change depending on availability. For people who need a controller a little faster, used options are always available for delivery within a few days. But that will likely change quickly depending on how the stock continues to flow.

Of course, there is still the alternative of buying a reputable third-party controller. Options like PDP, SCUF, and PowerA exist if you don’t mind going unofficial. These are currently much more readily available. But, of course, nothing beats the authentic originals yet.

At least PC users don’t need to stick to just one type of controller. While Xbox controllers are the most compatible, there has been growing native compatibility for other controllers such as the PlayStation 5’s DualSense and even the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. These are among the classics like the Xbox 360 controller, which can still switch easily with most modern games.

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Upcoming Motor Racing at a Glance | News, Sports, Jobs https://q-porkchains.org/upcoming-motor-racing-at-a-glance-news-sports-jobs/ Wed, 22 Jun 2022 13:04:08 +0000 https://q-porkchains.org/upcoming-motor-racing-at-a-glance-news-sports-jobs/

Todd Gilliland celebrates after winning the NASCAR Truck Series auto race Saturday, June 18, 2022 at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa. (Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen via AP)


Ally 400

Location: Nashville, TN.

Schedule: Friday, practice, 6:30 p.m.; Saturday, qualifying, 1 p.m.; Sunday, Race, 5 p.m. (NBC).

Circuit: Nashville Superspeedway.

Todd Gilliland, center right, celebrates at Victory Lane after winning the NASCAR Truck Series auto race Saturday, June 18, 2022, at Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa. (Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen via AP)

Race distance: 300 laps, 399 miles.

Last year: Kyle Larson won after starting fifth.

Last race: Daniel Suarez pulled away from Chris Buescher in the final laps of the road course in California to claim his first career victory in the series.

Fast facts: Suarez became the 12th different winner in 16 races, raising the possibility with 10 regular season races remaining that not all race winners will automatically qualify for the 16-driver playoffs. … Five of the top 12 drivers in the points standings have yet to win a race this year. … Chase Elliott leads the standings by 16 over Ross Chastain, 23 over Kyle Busch and 25 over non-winner Ryan Blaney. … Denny Hamlin, one of the four double winners, remains the lowest winner in the standings; he is 21st, 211 points behind Elliott.

Next race: July 3, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Red Bull Racing Max Verstappen of the Netherlands is doused with champagne by members of his team after winning the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on Sunday, June 19, 2022. (Paul Chiasson/The Canadian Press via AP)

Online: http://www.nascar.com


Tennessee Lottery 250

Location: Nashville, TN.

Time: Friday, practice, 5:35 p.m.; Saturday, qualifying, noon, and race, 3:30 p.m. (USA).

Circuit: Nashville Superspeedway.

Race distance: 188 laps, 250 miles.

Last year: Kyle Busch won from pole position.

Last race: AJ Allmendinger led just six of the 75 laps but beat Myatt Snider by 2.879 seconds for his second win of the season – both on road courses – in the series debut at Portland International Raceway.

Quick Facts: Allmendinger’s victory came after he started last due to changes to his car before the race, and after he was one lap behind. … Allmendinger’s points lead has increased to 43 over Ty Gibbs and 44 over Noah Gragson. … The top eight drivers in points have totaled 12 wins in 14 races. … Only 21 of 38 cars finished within the lead lap on the 1.97-mile course in Portland’s debut.

Next race: July 2, Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.

Online: http://www.nascar.com


Rackley 200 roof

Location: Nashville, TN.

Time: Friday, practice, 4 p.m., qualifying, 4:30 p.m., and race, 8 p.m. (FS1).

Circuit: Nashville Superspeedway.

Race distance: 150 laps, 200 miles.

Last year: Ryan Preece won after starting sixth.

Last race: Todd Gilliland passed John Hunter Nemechek on lap 140 of 150 laps and pulled away after a restart on lap 147 to win on dirt in Iowa, earning his first start of the season and for the third time in his career.

Fast facts: Gilliland became the sixth non-regular in the series to win in 13 races. … Nemechek reclaimed the points lead, jumping from fourth place. He edges out Zane Smith by five, defending series champion Ben Rhodes by 10 and Chandler Smith by 14. … Zane Smith (3) and part-time Corey Heim (2) are the only multiple winners so far this season .

Next race: July 9, Lexington, Ohio.

Online: http://www.nascar.com


Last race: Defending series champion Max Verstappen took from pole, his fifth win in six races and sixth overall, as the series returned to Canada after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Next race: July 3, Silverstone, England.

Online: http://www.formula1.com


Last race: Josef Newgarden won at Road America, his third victory this season, and claimed a $1million bonus for winning on an oval, street circuit and road course, while Marcus Ericsson took over the ahead of Will Power by 27 points.

Next race: July 3, Lexington, Ohio.

Online: http://www.indycar.com


Final event: Justin Ashley won in Top Fuel and Ron Capps won in Funny Car in Bristol, Tennessee.

Next event: June 23-26, Norwalk, Ohio.

Online: http://www.nhra.com


Upcoming events: June 22-25, Brandon, South Dakota.

Online: http://worldofoutlaws.com/sprintcars

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Supply chain issues causing major delays for machine shops https://q-porkchains.org/supply-chain-issues-causing-major-delays-for-machine-shops/ Wed, 22 Jun 2022 01:25:00 +0000 https://q-porkchains.org/supply-chain-issues-causing-major-delays-for-machine-shops/

If you need repairs on your car, be prepared to pay more and wait longer.

“Crash items, especially on newer cars, you’re going to be waiting for them for weeks,” said mechanic and owner Demetri Kamar. “Larger items like transmissions, engines [will be] weeks.”

Kamar runs two auto repair shops, one in Culver City and one in the Valley. He said basic items like tires and brakes aren’t affected too much, but bigger items like transmissions will cost you more money and more time without a car.

“A transmission happened on a Wrangler,” he said. “It took six weeks to get the transmission.”

The pressure has affected not only local mechanical shops, but also dealerships. According to one driver, it took a week to get his car in service at a car dealership just to see what was wrong.

“It’s my daily driving force,” said Anthony Lawson. “It’s not like I have spare cars or anything like that. What makes it worse is that they have a shortage of loaner cars.”

Lawson said his car sat in the shop much longer than he expected.

“For a week I didn’t have a car and had to find a way to work from home,” he said.

COVID-related challenges have affected every sector of the auto industry – from a car shortage causing a bottleneck of new car options to production parts struggling to ship for the many who decided to hold on with their vehicles.

“Our space is very limited and if I keep cars in this place or another for a long period of time, space is not available for a workspace for mechanics,” Kamar said.

He thinks it will take some time for the inventory to replenish.

“It will probably take at least a year to two years to transition to pre-pandemic,” he added.

Whether it’s new wiper blades or new tyres, car experts said the price of parts is around 20% more expensive than last year.