Climate Jobs NY Update: The NY Bight could write the book on how we build offshore wind farms in the future

This week, Climate Jobs NY was featured in a Popular science article which demonstrates the expected opportunities in the waters of the NY Bight for offshore wind development. CJNY noted that the 30+ gigawatts of offshore wind development the region expects over the decade must be completed by our local union workforce and include strong labor agreements:

Although estimates vary, American Clean Power has predicted that more than 70,000 jobs will be created in the quest for 30 gigawatts of wind power by 2030. These jobs in construction, development and manufacturing are expected go see the unionized workers, according to the Biden administration. Energy companies seem determined to engage with unionized workers; The New England developers have already signed more than 15 different employment contracts for projects already underway.

Such agreements are key to holding employers accountable for every future wind project as the industry grows, says Mariah Dignan, Long Island regional director for Climate Job New York, a coalition of unions. That responsibility, as Dignan explains, includes security protections, health care benefits, pensions, and market wages. “Ensuring the end-to-end national supply chain is a union industry” will provide wind farm workers with jobs that support family and community, she adds.

In addition to fighting for high labor standards and high-profile jobs, CJNY advocates for a secure, national, unionized supply chain to build the towers, turbines, foundations and other components here in the United States, and as much as possible in New York. The opportunity that offshore wind brings to the emerging clean energy economy is vast, and the labor movement in New York is at the table in the fight for workers.

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