Chlorine supply chain issues could impact Michiganders’ summer plans

LANSING, Mich. (WILX) — With summer approaching, people are excited to cool off poolside, but some are struggling to get the chemicals needed to open them.

A pool supply store in Lansing told News 10 that they just received a handful of products, but don’t expect to get their hands on them for months. Another Jackson outlet said he was lucky to have things on hand, but understood the struggle others were going through.

Jeanne Schneider is co-owner of Pool Productions in Jackson.

“It was tough,” Schneider said. “Supply chain issues have been a challenge.”

Schneider said BioGuard supplies 40% of pool supply companies nationwide with Trichlor, a chlorinated product. In April 2021, a fire destroyed their Louisiana factory, causing a massive shortage. Combined with supply chain issues and labor shortages, it has been difficult for people to get supplies.

“The facility was compromised, which ignited a fire that burned for nearly three days,” Schneider said. “He burned 800 tons of Trichlor, which is a type of chlorine. So that had a ripple effect on the whole industry.

To add insult to injury, Schneider said demand was higher due to the pandemic.

“More and more people are spending time at home, so they want more recreational products like swimming pools and hot tubs,” Schneider said. “Personally, it’s quite difficult because everyone coming for years, we’ve been building our business and trying to have a lot of things in stock for everyone.”

She said that while some chlorine products have been difficult to stock, they have other options they have been able to substitute to make it work for their customers.


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