BL&P faces material shortage amid supply chain crisis

Barbados Light & Power (BL&P) says disruptions to the global supply chain have led to a shortage of materials needed for some of its operations.

However, he said he was working with suppliers “around the clock to manage the situation in the interest of the country, the company and its customers”.

The utility company added that when delays in supplies will or are likely to impact the delivery of a customer service request, these people will be notified.

In a statement on Wednesday, BL&P said it had not escaped the challenges of increased delivery times for goods and services or shortages of needed materials, which had been brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in course and the war in Ukraine.

Power company inventory affected by the current situation includes transformers, cables, switchgear, motor components and other items used to supply electricity to customers.

The utility company said continued price increases have further aggravated the long wait for goods and services.

According to Light & Power’s Supply Chain Administrator, Chano Belle: “The business competes in the global marketplace, which means we have to wait our turn like everyone else for service and some aspects of our operations were affected by this disruption.

“We started to see these trends develop in 2020, at the start of the pandemic. We recognized that suppliers in some cases could not fully meet the quantities requested, then months later the quoted lead times had doubled or tripled. In a recent situation in the United States, materials that used to be delivered by truck from state to state and then to the international shipping port were hampered due to the unavailability of trucking. With all of this, we not only started placing orders earlier, but also increased our order sizes. »

Belle added that the company also sources spare parts from alternative suppliers from other parts of the world that are less affected by global supply chain issues.

“We have taken the opportunity to allow Emera, as the parent company, to trade critical spare parts for the entire group and on our behalf, rather than operating as a single entity. Being part of a larger electric utility organization has huge benefits,” he said.

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