BC ranchers hope feed shortage will be fixed in 2022 | Radio NL

Heat, drought and fires have all contributed to the feed supply issues farmers have experienced over the past year and the industry has yet to fully understand whether these issues will persist into 2022.

In a summer 2021 interview, BC Cattlemen’s Association President Kevin Boon said some ranchers have been forced to make the difficult decision to send cattle to market early, fearing there will be not enough food to keep them alive and healthy through the winter. .

In a recent interview on the NL Morning News, Boon says the main focus last summer was to keep the breeding herd and the base herd as much as possible.

“All the cows that weren’t bred last year were sent to market to be part of our food chain…but we were able to keep the majority here in BC and that part was working really well and still is working . However, what we see here is that I look out the window and see snowfall. We are seeing a late spring and a cool spring, so the forage does not come up and the guys miss. They were on tight ends before. We are currently seeing shortages. »

“The big thing is that we don’t know what we’re going to see for crops this year. We don’t know what we’ll see for heat and drought. We know that east of us, in the prairie provinces, they are preparing for drought. They are very dry. They try to fill shelters. There is concern. But we are very early. We could see a lot of moisture and be really good.

Boon says there are six long months to go until next winter and the hope is to catch up on food supplies this year as supplies have nearly run out.

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