Wilmington Port Expansions to Reduce Supply Chain Barriers

WILMINGTON, NC (WTVD) – Governor Roy Cooper was joined by state and local officials in Wilmington on Tuesday to tour the new South Gate container complex at the Port of Wilmington.

“One of the things we wanted to do in North Carolina is help improve the supply chain. Not only is that good for our economy, it creates jobs, but it also helps equipment and supplies flow through the system better and can help reduce costs for working families,” Cooper said.

The $26 million project added three entry lanes and three exit lanes for truck traffic and includes upgraded systems that officials say improve efficiency and safety.

“Getting supplies and equipment from location to location is one of the biggest challenges we have right now. It affects the supply chain. It affects the manufacturing of products,” said Cooper.

Supply chain issues have persisted for months, affecting many industries, leading to delays in companies receiving inventory. Increased costs of importing or exporting products or materials are often factored into consumer prices.

“It can help reduce costs for working families. It’s exciting that the Port of Wilmington can double the production process,” Cooper said.

The new container complex opened in February, just months after the installation of Carolina Connector at Rocky Mount, which is a public-private partnership between the state and CSX Corp. In this case, NCDOT contributed $118 million towards the construction of the terminal, which connects new markets to the Port of Wilmington.

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