Supply chain shortages hit New Mexico Girl Scout cookie sales

“Last year it was a challenge of ‘how can we get the cookies out to the public’, uh under these circumstances. This year we don’t have cookies to send them,” said Rebecca Latham, CEO of Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails.

And that’s because – after a tough 2021 – there has been huge demand as well as supply chain issues.

“There is a worldwide shortage of peanut butter. So you know, do-si-dos Tagalongs, those are impacted. These are the new cookies that the adventurers had – they had production issues with those. And so it’s really just a bunch of things that led to this situation,” Latham said.

That’s why you probably haven’t seen many cookie stands outside your grocery stores.

Or maybe your pre-ordered cookies didn’t arrive at your doorstep.

“When the Delta variant and the Omicron were both very heavy here in the US, they were experiencing the same labor shortages as we are, which really limited their ability to stay on track for all cookies “, Latham mentioned.

Currently, Girl Scouts in central and northern New Mexico are expecting over a hundred thousand boxes. Orders that will not arrive until after their scheduled end date of March 20.

“We gave the girls a choice. Do you want to stop things and reduce your sales targets and or do you want to continue and they said, “We really want to continue selling”.

The cookie sale deadline has been extended to April 10, so expect to see these stalls again in a few weeks.

“The Girl Scout Cookie program is really designed to teach them lessons in real life and entrepreneurship. They’re learning business skills like marketing, customer service, financial literacy, now they’re learning that’s like the next level now they’re learning supply chain logistics, uh economic supply and demand,” Latham said.

And they hope the New Mexicans will maintain that high demand once the scouts are supplied.

If you’re looking for cookies, you can find a local scout or booth near you through a cookie finder on

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