Supply chain shortages affecting food service in Wind River schools; beef donations are helpful

Katie Roenigk – County 10 March 30, 2022

(Pavilion, WY) – The Wind River Schools Food Service Program has been facing weekly supply chain shortages, according to a report to the Fremont County School District 6 Board of Trustees this month.

The products affected by the supply chain shortage change weekly and are difficult to predict, said food service coordinator Kylie O’Neal.

Typically we find out what we are missing when the truck arrives on Monday,” she wrote.

On March 14, she said shortages were in grains, frozen chicken, canned and fresh vegetables, fresh apples, bananas, juice, cream cheese, chicken patties and nuggets.

The unpredictable deliveries have resulted in “many menu changes,” O’Neal said, making it “difficult” to meet state student meal requirements.

On a positive note, O’Neal said community beef donations have “helped our program so much this year.”

“We literally donated a ton of meat to this school,” she wrote, thanking the McCann family, who donated about 350 pounds of ground beef; the Jake Nicolas family, who donated a cow currently being butchered; and the Robbinett family, who donated a cow that will be processed in April. “Fresh beef makes our meals so much better and we are so grateful for that.”

She said Wind River schools served 2,109 breakfasts and 4,505 lunches during the month of January.

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