Spalding region food supply chain concerns due to war in Ukraine

Concerns have been raised about the stability of the food supply chain following the invasion of Ukraine.

Farmers and growers in South Holland are seeing rising fertilizer costs due to the conflict, prompting the government to make sustainable food production a priority.

Fertilizers would have seen a 300% increase on top of rising fuel and energy costs. Some farmers will have already purchased their fertilizer for the upcoming season.

Harvest time

The government says it expects ‘no significant direct impact on the UK food supply’ as a result of the crisis, as we import a ‘very small amount of food’ from Eastern Europe. ‘Is.

However, fertilizer producer Yara International has issued a warning that a fertilizer shortage could affect crop yields.

NFU County Councilor for South Lincolnshire, Johanna Musson, said: “The war in Ukraine has been devastating for the people who live there and British farmers stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. We offered our help to Ukrainian farmers in every way possible.

“This conflict has also drawn attention to the importance of food security. Farmers are ready to do all they can to ensure that the British public has access to high-quality, climate-friendly and affordable food.

“The impacts of the conflict have seen prices rise even more for everyone. For farmers, the prices of fertilizers and animal feed in particular are rising rapidly. To maintain confidence and stability in the supply chain, we have highlighted some short-term and long-term government requests that can help navigate the extreme volatility we are seeing today and which will increase in the coming months. coming months:

“The government must make food security and sustainable food production a priority.

“The government must preserve, protect and prioritize gas supplies for food production and processing.

“Forming a core market watch group to identify and address potential issues before they become critical and cause market failure, with the fertilizer market being particularly vulnerable.

“Immediate pausing of the phasing out of direct payments for two years to provide some level of certainty and respite for farmers struggling with huge cost inflation.”

Farmer Chris Carter said red diesel now costs £1 a litre.

He said: “Supermarkets need to be realistic and stop passing on costs.”

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