One of the most famous bank loans

Even though there are several dozen different banking houses on our market, we will find ones that are among the largest.

This certainly belongs to Good Finance as If you are interested in the characteristics of this banking service provider , we will look at it. We also don’t forget to mention what specific services may be available.

Some basic information at the beginning


You will surely stick to official terms and designations to find out the necessary bank details . That is why it is necessary to start with where the bank is actually based . Here we can quote from the website itself: “ Good Finance, as, with its registered office, registered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B , insert 1360 “

Thus, even if it is a domestic joint-stock company, it does not mean that it cannot be linked to a foreign financial group. And so it really is. If we are specific, Good Finance as is a member of the GFIC Group . This group is one of the most important international group dealing mainly with financial services. Today, it can offer a wealth of experience, as well as products in:

  • Retail Banking
  • Corporate banking
  • Investment banking

Good Finance as and the Czech market


What we are most interested in is information about the bank that is directly related to the domestic banking market. In this case, we must not forget to briefly map the history, which began in 1990.

This was Good Finance as founded as a state institution and became a joint stock company two years later . During its development, it also bought a stake in Good Finance and expanded its business.

The year 2010 was also a turning point when the bank merged with the Slovak branch and the two banks merged.

What can the bank offer us?


We have mapped the history of this joint stock company, but above all the prestigious banks. So we can look at specific products that may be available to us as clients.

Here are the basis of standard accounts, both current and, of course, savings. These are related to the expansion of our money . This is followed by the possibility of profitable investments, which are already associated with a potential risk. But it is also a wide range of loan products, from loans to mortgages. There are also insurance or security for the future.

All of this clearly results in the bank not only being a stable provider of banking services with a rich background, but also having something to offer to every client. And although some of the services offered are more expensive than the competition, we can still recommend the bank to those who are looking for security in the world today.

There are more than enough of these, as evidenced by the bank’s profile, as well as by a number of satisfied clients or experts.

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