How to Turn Off Credit Card Contactless Feature?

Credit card is one of the most widely used payment tools offered to consumer service by contemporary banking applications. The credit card allows you to pay for your daily expenses as well as bill payments such as electricity, water and natural gas without the need for cash.

In an economic environment where almost every individual has more than one credit card, many different features are installed on credit cards with the effect of developing technology. In the first period of use, credit cards were only offered in advance, while the consumer was given the opportunity to postpone and installment payments over time.

Contactless credit cards have been developed in order to make payments without the need of entering a password in the POS device thanks to the constantly developing technology.


What is a contactless credit card?

What is a contactless credit card?

All credit cards have a chip. By reading the chip of the POS devices, payment is collected from the credit card. Contactless credit cards have been developed to read the chip on the POS device and end the approval of the payment by entering a password to reduce the time spent in the payment process. When the contactless credit card touches the screen of the POS device for a second, the payment process is completed without entering a password.


Contactless credit card:

  • It is a practical and time-saving feature that provides fast and unencrypted payment.
  • Spending up to a certain limit per day can be made by contactless credit card.
  • The reason for the daily limit is to prevent risks that may occur if the card is lost or stolen. Within this scope, expenditures up to 90 TL per day can be paid by using non-contact feature.
  • Banks offer the credit card contactless feature to consumers free of charge.


Is Contactless Credit Card Secure?

Is Contactless Credit Card Secure?

Contactless credit card, small consistent purchases without the need for a password to be approved on the POS device provides ease of payment. However, shopping without a password raises the question of whether the contactless card feature is secure. Due to the mobile POS devices that can be moved to the desired location, collection can be made by approaching the contactless card without the knowledge of the consumer. Particularly in public transport, the risk of being able to shop from the contactless card next to the person in crowded environments causes consumers to hesitate to approach this feature.

For all these fraud risks, the fraudulent person can easily be found because the POS device that withdraws the balance from the card is registered to the name. In addition, each time a contactless transaction is performed, an audible signal from the POS device makes it possible to detect fraud immediately.


If a contactless credit card is lost:

  • In order to prevent fraud, the card should be closed through telephone banking as soon as the card is lost.
  • Until the card is closed, the transactions performed by the fraudsters are displayed by the bank and necessary judicial proceedings are initiated.


How to Turn Off Credit Card Contactless Feature?

How to Turn Off Credit Card Contactless Feature?

With the development of technology, almost every credit card has the ability to make contactless transactions in order to make the shopping with the credit card more practical and to complete the payment within seconds. However, some consumers do not want to use this feature to avoid fraud. In this case, the first thing the consumer who buys a new card from the bank, does not want to have the contactless feature of the credit card requested. In this way, the new credit card is transmitted to the user closed to contactless transactions.

In addition, switching off the contactless feature is very easy. This feature can be switched off via telephone banking, internet banking or branch.


Contactless credit card feature:

  • Connect to customer service via telephone banking. Customer service is provided with credit card and identification information. Contactless credit card feature is requested to be turned off.
  • The contactless feature of the credit card can also be switched off via internet banking. In this way, it is possible to turn off the contactless feature without going to the bank branch or calling customer service.
  • Persons who do not use Internet or telephone banking can go directly to the bank branch and have their credit card closed for contactless transactions. A written and signed instruction must be given to the customer representative.

Thanks to the banking policies that take into account customer satisfaction, all banks close their credit card to contactless transactions as soon as possible in line with the demand of the user. If the card users who turn off this feature, then give up their decisions, they can reactivate the contactless feature by personally forwarding their requests to the bank authorities through any of the branches, internet banking and telephone banking channels.

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