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Families buy 1,500 Aldi Christmas turkeys per day “due to supply shortage”


The udget Aldi supermarket sells 1,500 frozen turkey crowns a day as the British stock up for Christmas.

Families are said to have raised up to £ 2,000 worth of food for the holiday season amid fears of a supply chain crisis.

Christmas pudding sales also increased by 45%.

Industry experts have warned Brits to buy their Christmas dinner ahead of time and even keep it in the freezer.

Concerns are growing among retailers who will run out of pigs in blankets and party foods by December 25.

Savory Christmas Pudding

A shortage of butchers could mean farmers will be forced to “throw pigs in a dumpster” because they cannot be slaughtered and carved. About 150,000 animals threatened with slaughter next week.

The meat crisis heightens fears that many Christmas essentials are scarce or missing due to lack of truck drivers, fuel at gas stations and labor shortages.

Cabinet ministers did not reassure the public that supermarkets will be fully stocked.

Boris Johnson insisted it was “not the government’s job to step in and fix all the problems” when asked about supply chain issues.

Customers are now taking matters into their own hands by sourcing anything that has a long shelf life.

Aldi’s long foot pig on the blanket is available in packs of two for just £ 2.99

/ Aldi

Aldi staff told consumer reporter Harry Wallop at a Christmas showcase that they sell 1,500 frozen turkey crowns a day and that pudding sales are up 45% from a year ago.

The store also revealed that 250,000 Chocolate Orange bombs have been ordered from its supplier in anticipation that the dessert will likely be its biggest hit this Christmas.

Marks and Spencer said sales of their frozen Christmas dishes were up 500% overall from a year ago as families piled up, with more than 25,000 turkeys sold in early October and sales of their festive dishes increasing by 40% per week.

Iceland reported turkey sales up 409% from the same period last year.

Desperate to make sure Christmas is normal this year after the Covid chaos last year, single mother Pat Smith, 26, of Grantham, has already spent £ 2,000 on food.

She emptied the shelves of six supermarkets, grabbing 24 multipacks of crisps from her cart already loaded with chocolates, liquor and meat.

She told The Sun, “I don’t want to miss this. I’ve planned and I’m ready.

“I buy what I need for the next four months, including Christmas Day. The lockdown last year hit me hard. I was running out of items and couldn’t make regular trips to stores.

“When I did, the shelves were empty.

“As Christmas approached, I was devastated, my family would not have everything they needed.

“I couldn’t get a turkey or the special ingredients I use to make the stuffing. “My family’s favorite drinks were either too expensive due to price increases or not available.

“I ended up serving cold chicken and ham with salad.”

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