Amarillo Battery Stores Face Supply Chain Issues Affecting Customers

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) — Kyle Skipper has owned the Amarillo golf cart and battery since 2007 and says businesses and customers are on a short fuse and want to get batteries.

“I think everyone has been affected at one time or another, honestly,” Skipper said.

Batteries for golf carts, motorcycles and RVs are a few customers who have been waiting for months.

The same goes for sealed lead acid batteries impacting oil and gas companies.

“These batteries are extremely hard to find, they come from overseas,” Skipper said. “As we all know, shipping is an issue, so it’s hard to get anything from overseas. These batteries, six to seven months to get this product.

In addition to the shortage of delivery drivers, the lack of workers at lead recycling plants results in a limited supply of batteries.

Interstate All Battery Center still has orders to complete from November and had to raise prices.

“Before COVID-19, some battery prices are now 30% or more higher,” said Michael Graham, owner of the Interstate All Battery Center.

Amarillo Golf Cart and Battery and Battery Joe management say they also had to raise prices.

Graham expects the problem to persist for the near future.

“We have to pay the employees more. Everything else goes up. Factories have to pay more to keep employees there,” Graham said.

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